After all,  we all only ever get married thinking it’s the one and only time ………… so that insight and reflection from mistakes you made are never going to be put to good use again!  And as they say, hindsight is a wonderful thing.

The most common response I get when I talk about being a Wedding Planner is people saying they can’t afford one and it’s only for the rich and famous, but when the average couple spends £15,000+ on their wedding that’s a substantial sum to spend without getting expert advice!

So here is some food for thought on why you should consider a Wedding Planner…….

  • An experienced event or wedding planner will know the local market – who’s who, which suppliers can be trusted and which ones have great service and offer real value for money.    They won’t be blinded by the sales pitch, or the beautifully photographed service or product that may not turn out to be what you actually get in reality (I am thinking plastic candelabras!)
  • Still on the subject of vendors, most reputable Wedding Planners these days will negotiate good deals and pass on all savings to their clients.   As a member of Wedding Planners Guild UK this is something we are proud to adhere to!   Often the savings made by the Wedding Planner on your behalf can offset the cost of engaging the Wedding Planner, so you effectively get their service for free!
  • Wedding Planners know all the awkward the questions to ask and aren’t afraid to ask them………  would you consider asking your DJ or band “what happens if you fall ill?” or the venue “how many other weddings are there on the day (day before / day after)” as this can impact on how many people will be milling around your venue.   If you decide you don’t want children at your wedding but another wedding in the same venue does then this can be a huge frustration to have kids running about.          Another important question is “What else is happening in the area on the day…?”  I know a bride who’s Big Day clashed with an international sporting event and she had hundreds of rowdy blokes staying in her hotel singing songs into the early hours.   Your Wedding Planner will research this for you and advise you accordingly.
  •  Your Wedding Planner will allow you and your betrothed to enjoy your engagement to the max!   So you can focus on the  fun aspects of the wedding.    Measuring the lengths of table cloths and checking chairs cover for holes and rips is the kind of stress no bride-to-be wants to bother herself with when there are far more enjoyable tasks to be done.
  • Your wedding should also reflect you as a couple, not be a mirror image of what your best friend or Sister had for her wedding, or be a replica of the latest trend in all the bridal magazines.  Your Wedding Planner will get to know you, and really understand your style.  She will design concepts for your wedding for you to choose from that are truly unique to you and epitomise your personality.
  • It’s also great to have an impartial ear that you can have a good old moan too!   As well-meaning and loving as they are, the advice of  Mums, Mother-in-Laws and other relations can sometimes be overwhelming.  You may have conflicting ideas with your other half.  Or be unable to make a decision about key aspects of your wedding that will be crucial to moving your plans forward.  Your Wedding Planner is your go-to ‘fairy-god-mother’ in this respect and  will be able to help you diplomatically sort out those dilemmas that only someone outside of the friends and family circle can do without causing upset or offence.
  • When you get to 6 weeks before the wedding and panic, fear, or lack of motivation kicks in – a Wedding Planner can calm you down, take a fresh look at what needs to be achieved and get you back on track.   This can happen especially for weddings with a long lead in time, when you think you have ages to do everything but then the Big Day looms and you think “OMG!”
  • So many articles in magazines or online say ‘just relax and enjoy your day’ but that is so much harder than it sounds if guests or suppliers are constantly coming to you both and asking you questions about the logistics and details of the day.    A Wedding Planner will be there in the background to provide everyone with the correct information they need at the right time.    Relying on the Best Man or the Ushers to do this once they have had a few glasses of champagne and pints of beer just won’t cut the mustard
  • You may work 60 hours a week and not have the luxury of a PA to handle all the bookings, appointments and negotiations.  Or you may simply not be interested in the logistical side of organising a wedding.   Leave it to an experienced Wedding Planner!
  • A penultimate reason to have a wedding planner, is one I personally wish I known about as a Bride concerns photographs.    Every couple will have a wish-list of those special pictures they want capturing on the day.   And whether because the photographer didn’t remember them all, or wanted to focus a little bit more on photos they could use for their portfolio……. or whether the key people to be photographed had wandered off ……… there is the real chance that the photos you want aren’t captured and you will NEVER get that opportunity back to have those images and memories saved.    A Wedding Planner can gather guests together at the right place and the right time and leave the couple safe in the knowledge that they will have an amazing set of photos to cherish.

Finally, and these last points relate specifically to Exclusive Weddings & Special Occasions……………

  • We take risk assessment, public liability insurance, and H&S procedural checks very seriously.  And we ensure that all suppliers do likewise.   As a fully qualified and founding member of the Wedding Planners Guild UK we adhere to a strict code of practice that gives you added peace of mind.
  • We also have an agreement with Guild colleagues that if, for whatever reasons outside our control, Exquisite Weddings were not able to fulfil our duties on the day of the wedding then another equally qualified & experienced wedding planner would step in seamlessly at a moments notice to manage your day.  All WPGUK planners are trained to the same high standards and methods meaning we are all familiar with each other’s ways of working.


We could go on ……… there are SO many reasons to hire a Liverpool Wedding Plannerwedding Planner!   Get in touch here to book a free no obligation consultation and find out more about we can help YOU have the perfect day xx